On Time. Every Time with Recurring Payments.

Recurring payments is a useful feature with multiple applications: Memberships that require dues, subscriptions that need to be renewed and utility payments, to name just a few. Any merchant or business that would like to charge the same amount to the same payment card on a regular basis can do so with automated recurring billing.

To set up a recurring payment, the merchant simply enters the specified charge once, chooses the frequency of payment (weekly, monthly, annually) and we do the rest. The customer’s card or checking account is billed and a receipt is automatically emailed directly to them. PaymentChex can also develop payment platforms to your industry specific needs. Our flagship product is one example of how we engineer custom solutions to streamline accounts receivable and payable.

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Recurring Payments

Automated recurring billing through PaymentChex is an efficient, convenient and hassle-free service that can help merchants build and manage their business growth.


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“Need to get paid each month. No problem with the PaymentChex recurring payments.” 

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